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Welcome to the official web site for the Wado International Karate-Do Federation as designated by the late Tatsuo Suzuki, the purpose of these pages are to describe the various aspects of our organisation, its people, schools, and events.

It is hoped that this site will bring all members around the world closer together uniting use as one large family. For non-members, we hope you find the material both useful and informative, and that you gain some insight into our association and its values.

Jon Wicks 8th Dan - Knife Defence, Sword Defence and Combinations

Jon Wicks 8th Dan WIKF Chief Instructor shows in great detail the official Tanto Dori (Knife defence) Numbers 1 to 10 ( this is the only DVD to show this) and Tachi Dori (Sword defence) Numbers 1 to 5 and the new Dan Grading Combinations.

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More 2016 events added.




2017 World Championships information added.




2016 UK Winter Course Added.




2016 Netherlands Seminar added.




Updated events calendar for 2015, including Spring course in Chile.




Updated events calendar for 2015, including Swedish Spring course details.




Updated events calendar for 2015, including British and Irish National Championship Info.



Updated events calendar for 2015, including UK Leaders Course and Summer Course 2105. Happy New Year, see you in 2015.



Merry Christmass to all our WIKF Family.




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