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DVD's / Videos

In this re-mastered DVD series Professor Tatsuo Suzuki 8th Dan brings to you the most comprehensive look into the art of Wado Ryu Karate-Do that is available today.

This DVD Video has been enhanced with full menus allowing you to navigate to each section with ease. For more information and sample screenshots Click Here!

Please note: All DVD's are region free and are recorded on DVD-R discs.

Essence of Wado Ryu Volume 1

Essence Of Wado Ryu Volume 1

Kata: Nihanchi, Chinto, Bassai, Niseishi
Idori: Kneeling Defence
Tanto Dori: Knife Defence (non-grading syllabus)
Jiyu Gimite: Free fighting

Price: £22 each plus £3.00 postage (Europe)

Essence of Wado Ryu Volume 2

Essence Of Wado Ryu Volume 2

Kata: Seishan, Rohai, Wanshu, Jitte, Jion
Kihon Gumite: Basic sparring
Tachi Dori: Sword defence

Price: £22 each plus £3.00 postage

Essence of Wado Ryu Volume 3

Essence Of Wado Ryu Volume 3

Kata: Pinan-Shodan, Pinan-Nidan,
Pinan-Sandan, Pinan-Yondan, Pinan-Godan
(Including explanation of kata key points)

Price: £22 each plus £3.00 postage

Essence of Wado Ryu Volume 4

Essence Of Wado Ryu Volume 4

Ohyo Gumite: Semi free sparring #1-8
Jiyu Gimite: Advanced free sparring

 Price: £22 each plus £3.00 postage



Jon Wicks 8th Dan - Knife Defence, Sword Defence and Combinations

Jon Wicks 8th Dan WIKF Chief Instructor shows in great detail the official Tanto Dori (Knife defence) Numbers 1 to 10 ( this is the only DVD to show this) and Tachi Dori (Sword defence) Numbers 1 to 5 and the new Dan Grading Combinations.

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Sensei Suzuki A2 Poster

Price: £10.00 each plus £5.00 postage



Sensei Suzuki Photograph

(12X18 inches - unframed)

Price: £30.00 each plus £5.00 postage



Suzuki's Book: Fullness of Life in Karate

Tatsuo Suzuki's autobiography. This unique book was made over the course of several years of Sensei's writings and personal interviews. Suzuki's words were directly translated or scripted, nothing added and nothing removed. 148 pages. Over 30 photographs.

Price: £23 each plus free postage



Official Wado Kokusai badges

Price: £5.50 including postage.



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